Le Château de Bernesq


A historical building

More than 500 years old, the Château de Bernesq is listed historical building. Monumental fireplaces, stone mullioned windows and engraved wall decorations, contribute to the unique style and atmosphere of the Castle.

Comfort and luxury


The Château de Bernesq has been completely renovated with one objective in mind: keeping intact the charm of this medieval fortified castle. The Château de Bernesq is a listed building and a 4* hotel.

The work of François Premier

A monarch of character, eager for glory and a seducer, Francis I is known for the many wars he launched and for the artistic development that France experienced during his reign.
Marked by his first expedition to Italy, he fell under the spell of the Italian Renaissance. He surrounded himself with the best artists, including Leonardo da Vinci, to introduce this style to the Kingdom of France. 
Francis I built or remodeled eleven castles. He is notably responsible for the restoration of the Louvre and the enlargement of the Château de Fontainebleau.